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on the road.

July has been busy. We’ve adopted a therapy dog (see below), we’ve been in programing meetings, scheduling meetings, development meetings, and scotch meetings (where we drink scotch). 

At any rate, we’re all over the place. Here’s some of it:

Chris Kallmyer has been at the Walker Art Museum in Minneapolis, for his new piece: The American Lawn and Ways to Cut It.  Last night, I called him and he answered: ” OH MY GOD, I’M PUSHING A LAWN MOWER, THERE ARE 300 OF US, OH MAN…I gotta go.” (click)

Andrew McIntosh played a night of Tom Johnson’s music at the wulf in preparation for an album he’s recording. 

Andrew Tholl is in “quals hell”… leave him alone. (he says)

Last week I was part of a panel at the Association of California Symphony Orchestras Convention, moderated by LACO Executive Director, Rachel Fine. Our discussion was about the direction of orchestra in the 21st century, new media, new concert formats, and young audiences. We fit in ok. It was a really fun discussion. 

And, this week… I got a job. As of September I’m the Director of Orchestras at University of California, Santa Barbara. I ate a quesadilla in celebration – here’s a photo to prove it:                                                  

This blog is coming from Verve Coffee in Santa Cruz. The Cabrillo Festival conductors workshop starts today, Alsop and Meier are teaching, it’s going to be rad.

See you in August,


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