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November 19, 2016
7:00 PM

National Sawdust
Brooklyn , NY

in 2016 – 2017 we’re doing a bunch of concerts in Williamsburg, as Group in Residence at National Sawdust.

the second:

Curated by Ted Hearne and Chris Rountree

With John Coltrane as a guide we explore celestial music, religious music, free jazz, and the avant garde in this opening concert of our season as Group in Residence at National Sawdust. Using the seminal 1966 work Ascension as inspiration and architecture we walk into rooms filled with the reverberations of ten or more genres of music, all of which have themselves become what they are, in some part, due to Coltrane’s influence. We’re not really sure what to call this. Maybe it’s an energy cover, maybe a form cover, or a work made out of the left over jet fuel of another work. In any case, in November, something is going to lift off the ground for some part of one evening at National Sawdust.

Curated by Ted Hearne and Christopher Rountree
maybe the music of: Machaut, Ornette Coleman, Jen Hill, John Coltrane, new work of Ted Hearne and others

Produced by wild Up and Beth Morrison Projects