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Space | Sound | Psychedelia

April 10, 2016
3:00 PM

Schoenberg Hall UCLA
1100, 445 Charles E Young Dr E
Los Angeles,

In April we finish an education residency at UCLA’s Herb Alpert School with Sound | Space | Psychedelia at Schoenberg Hall.

Steve Reich — Sextet

Fausto Romitelli — Professor Bad Trip

Lewis Pesacov — new work for wild Up



Erin McKibben, flute

Joseph Thel, oboe

Samuel Dunscombe, clarinets

Michiko Ogawa, clarinets

Archie Carey, bassoon

Allen Fogel, horn

Jonah Levy, trumpet

Matt Barbier, trombone / euphonium

Nicholas Deyoe, electric guitar

Richard Valitutto, piano / keyboard

Thomas Feng, piano / keyboard

Derek Tywoniuk, percussion

Yuri Inoo, percussion

Cory Beers, percussion

Dustin Donahue, percussion

Andrew Tholl, violin

Adrianne Pope, violin

Linnea Powell, viola

Derek Stein, cello / amplified cello

Stephen Pfeiffer, bass / bass guitar

Nick Tipp, sound design

Christopher Rountree, artistic director / conductor