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Santa Ana Sites | wild Up in the Santora

February 22, 2014
8:00 PM

Santora Arts Building
207 N Broadway
Santa Ana, CA

the music of:
Tenney | Ives | Machaut | Sun Ra | Eno | Budd | Chris Kallmyer | Andrew Tholl | Andrew McIntosh | Lisa Bielawa | Daniel Felsenfeld | Ornette Coleman | The Beach Boys | Katy Perry | Magnetic Fields | Deerhoof | The Dog Faced Hermans| and The Misfits among others

In February, we take over the Santora Arts Building in Santa Ana, performing two hours of dozens of micro concerts in 15 different spaces. It’s about architecture, revitalizing old structures, making new ones, collaborating, and people being with people. For more information and to reserve tickets: Santa Ana Sites

We’re thrilled about this project: a collaborative concert with The Colburn Conservatory of Music. We’ll be going in to Colburn’s Working Musician classes — and creating an ensemble comprised of half Colburn students and half wild Up musicians. This ensemble will come together to program, plan, and produce all elements of this concert — we’re going to learn a ton, side by side.