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WORK | Claire Chenette

April 17, 2018
8:00 PM

Monk Space
4414 West 2nd St.
Los Angeles, CA 9004

We’re inviting Artists / Musicians and Composers we believe in to make WORK with us. More than portraits, these concerts are collaborations that explore an artist’s influences, loves, and dreams. We invite the audience to participate in open rehearsals, talks, and other gatherings exploring the creation of new experiences, and new art.

What can we do now to water the inner roots that make our work fruitful? This show is about the work that makes WORK and the culturing that creates a culture: about invisible processes, forgotten traditions, the mysterious force of time, wild experimentation, the relationship between composing and decomposing, and the complexity of crafting in an era of homogenization.  Explored sonically through the music of Marin Marais, Nicholas Deyoe, Heinz Holliger, Helen Grime, Ruth Crawford-Seeger, and Toshio Hosokawa; gustatorily through Claire’s hand-crafted cheeses and other home ferments; and visually through ceramic art by Saul Alpert-Abrams.

Tentative program:

Helen Grime… Arachne
Heinz Holliger… Studie über Mehrklänge (Chordal Study)
Nicholas Deyoe… NCTRN 2 (premiere)
Ruth Crawford Seeger… Diaphonic Suite
Toshio Hosokawa… Spell Song
Marin Marais… Les Folies D’Espagne

for tickets and more information: TUESDAYS at MONK SPACE