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Jodie Landau | you of all things

November 19, 2016 – November 20, 2016
10:00 PM

National Sawdust
Brooklyn , NY

in 2016 – 2017 we’re doing a bunch of concerts in Williamsburg, as Group in Residence at National Sawdust.

the third:

Curated by Jodie Landau
you of all things

Even if, in addition to writing, playing and singing his own material, Jodie Landau had not brought on board an established producer, three other L.A.-based composers, six chamber musicians, and an entire Icelandic women’s chorus, you of all things would still be a most unusual debut album.

For one thing, Landau’s voice is a most unusual instrument. At once raw and exposed, pure and unerringly precise, his vocals are able to veer between choirboy cantillation, torch-singer croon, and full-throated bellow without losing a character that is unmistakably his own. And his compositional aesthetic—which manages to encompass both the unpretentious bounce of popular song and moments of ominous stasis, setting his own, emotionally intimate lyrics or penning purely instrumental interludes—demands that elasticity.

His other instruments are a little out of the ordinary, as well: in addition to singing, Landau beats and bows on a small battery of percussion instruments. But as a vocalist, a composer, and as a percussionist, Landau insinuates himself effortlessly into every layer of music-making on the album. The truly remarkable thing about this project is how naturally Landau brings together the large circle of collaborators responsible for making this album happen. Simply put, Jodie Landau plays well with others.


Produced by wild Up and Beth Morrison Projects