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We ask questions, include people and music, and listen to what happens. Feather & Stone is a result of this inquiry, community, and exploration. In spring we delved into birdsong, flight, and Charlie Parker in a concert called “Ornithology.” In Summer, war, peace, and death metal led to “The Armory.” In Winter, concluding our residency at the Hammer Museum, we created new work inspired by Stan Brakhage films. These live recordings spanning a year of Los Angeles born music exemplify our ethos of exploration. We want to make music more diverse and inquisitive than we are or could ever be. Sometimes brutal, sometimes serene – but always as grass roots grow: earthy, communal, and deep.

  1. stand still like the hummingbird – Christopher Rountree
  2. a new anxiety – Nicholas Deyoe
  3. oiseaux exotiques – Olivier Messiaen
  4. mothlight – Archie Carey
  5. dante quartet – Odeya Nini
  6. still not a place to build monuments or cathedrals – Andrew Tholl
  7. this nest, swift passerine – Chris Kallmyer
  8. bird of paradise in paradise – Archie Carey