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The Edge of Forever | Lewis Pesacov, Elizabeth Cline, wild Up

The Edge of Forever is a chamber opera in five scenes inspired by the ending of the Mayan Long Count Calendar. It is a time-responsive opera, written for one moment in time and performed once on December 21, 2012, the final day of the Mayan Calendar.

The Edge of Forever explores the nature of consciousness and its relationship to time through a prophecy of divine love. It is the story of an ancient astronomer and a distant beloved, a cosmic union that will begin a new, undocumented era of time. Pesacov’s score manifests his journey from dark emotional states of yearning to the warm glow of infinite love. The sound world balances imaginary ancient and future musics, from conch shell to electronic oscillations: Deep earth sounds ripple, murmur and surge into shimmering ritualistic music.

To remain true to the concept and experience of the work, this recording is the only documentation of the production. It is comprised of both live and post-performance studio recordings, produced by the composer with the utmost sensitivity to creating the best possible representation of the live experience.

The Edge of Forever was site specific to the historic Philosophical Research Society, a Mayan Revival architecture style building in Los Angeles. The audience entered the opera in Act III, at that present moment in time on December 21, 2012 at 8pm—an event that has been recorded in stone since the 9th century by the Mayans as the end of their calendar. The opera was staged as an immersive experience that begins with a procession of chorus members leading the audience into the theater with their voices. Once inside, the audience was immediately transported to the cenote where the action is already taking place.

Music by Lewis Pesacov, Libretto by Elizabeth Cine, Performed by wild Up.

Here’s a taste:


released June 24, 2016 on The Industry Records


Music by Lewis Pesacov
Libretto by Elizabeth Cline

Produced & mixed by Lewis Pesacov
Engineered by Nick Tipp, Lewis Pesacov & Clinton Weelander
Mixed at Sunset Sound, Los Angeles, CA
Additional mix engineering by Clinton Weelander
Mastered by Reuben Cohen at Lurssen Mastering in Los Angeles, CA

Scenes I & V recorded at Ahata Sound Studios, Los Angeles, CA ∞
Scenes II, III & IV recorded live at the Philosophical Research Society,
Los Angeles, 12/21/2012 Ω

La’akan: Ashley Faatoalia ∞ Ω

Scribes, Scene I: Abby Fischer ∞
Scribes, Scene II, III & IV : Jessica Basta Ω, Tany Ling Ω, Christine Morse Ω, Argenta Walther Ω
Scribes, Scene V: Ariel Downs & Lauren Davis ∞

Conductor: Christopher Rountree ∞ Ω

wild Up:
violin, Andrew Tholl ∞ Ω
violin, Javier Orman Ω, Andrew McIntosh
viola, Andrew McIntosh Ω, Linnea Powell
cello, Derek Stein ∞ Ω
conch shell, Allen Fogle ∞ Ω
conch shell, Jonah Levy ∞ Ω
soprano sax, Kathryn Olson Ω, Brian Walsh
english horn, Claire Brazeau Ω, Claire Chenette
percussion, Yuri Inoo Ω
percussion, Corey Fogel Ω
percussion, Derek Tywoniuk ∞ Ω
percussion, Matthew Cook
oscillators, Richard Valitutto ∞ Ω