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Ornithology Premieres: this nest, swift passerine

I often work with field recordings, but i don’t often work with chamber orchestras.  I make recordings of rivers, trains, farms, cows, trees, wind, fog horns, church bells, traffic noise, and coffee shops.  These mundane things yield the most rigorous and beautiful sounds that I use in installations, and compositions.  When asked to work on a piece for wild Up, I jumped at the

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Porch of July

  The Porch of July is a folk music singalong held annually at Machine Project, your friendly Echo Park art-collective//storefront//FryBQ-headquarters. Laura Steenberge, Ezra Buchla, Adrian Tenney, and Heather Lockie put together a song book, and performed for/with about 50 people who showed up to sing, stomp feet, bang on frying pans, and have a great time.  The event was like the best parts of

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chile relleno-tastic planning

damn.  california beer + california food + california music = california band.  we are making chile rellenos and planning for the new wild up season. very exciting stuff in the works with great music, tons of great beer, and perhaps a shared musical experience with our friends to the east…  stay tuned!!  – Chris Kallmyer and Chris Rountree

ojai // camping // sounds

5am :: deep fog // cows waking up // coyotes howling // birds chirping // dew falling from the oak above onto our tent.   I escaped LA this weekend to Ojai (90 minutes from LA) to find a small campsite overlooking a field of blissed-out-cows.  I recommend this to anyone who enjoys wine, grilled veggies, and sleeping in earshot of cattle.   California.

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Many folks weighed in late last week about the tuxedo via twitter.  I had a hard time getting out some of these thoughts in 140 characters, so decided to write up some of my ideas here.  I hope you enjoy, its a great discussion.  The orchestra is a gigantic, antiquated, hulking, financially unsustainable, mannered, ceremonious, unapproachable, beautiful, opulent, complicated beast.  Its like a manatee;

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