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Oh bondage…

I’m working on an arrangement of this:  ”My mother said, little girls should be seen and not heard — Oh Bondage Up Yours” A great feminist manifesto.  In terms of an aural analysis of the recording the fascinating part starts at that moment: for the next three minutes she proceeds to scream phrases about being dominated that go completely unheard. It’s as if the

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So were August and September…

We’re back.  Summer was beautiful, and we were all over the place. Now concerts are happening around town each week. We’re writing and rehearsing for our show in November: Barlow, Punk Rock and Player Piano Music  at Beyond Baroque in Venice.  Before that a number of our musicians are involved in this show at Cal Arts in a few weeks, Antheil and Stravinsky at

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on the road.

July has been busy. We’ve adopted a therapy dog (see below), we’ve been in programing meetings, scheduling meetings, development meetings, and scotch meetings (where we drink scotch).  At any rate, we’re all over the place. Here’s some of it: Chris Kallmyer has been at the Walker Art Museum in Minneapolis, for his new piece: The American Lawn and Ways to Cut It.  Last night,

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ASCO and the future.

This is fascinating. Today I’ll be speaking at the Association of California Symphony Orchestras conference in Pasadena—and I can’t think of anything more relevant then this brief article by Futurist, Jim Carroll. Article: Ten Things That Are True About the Future, Jim Carroll Talking to a friend after he attended the League of American Orchestras conference a month ago he said: “…it was like

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chile relleno-tastic planning

damn.  california beer + california food + california music = california band.  we are making chile rellenos and planning for the new wild up season. very exciting stuff in the works with great music, tons of great beer, and perhaps a shared musical experience with our friends to the east…  stay tuned!!  – Chris Kallmyer and Chris Rountree

On being at Ojai.

I’m sitting in the coffee shop across from St. Thomas Aquinas Thrift on the main drag in Ojai.  It’s full of well dressed summer people holding rolled program booklets, bobbling  around talking about electric string quartets and a dinner joint, Feast which apparently has fries described as ambrosia or something equally celestial. The contemporary music lover is everywhere.  A gestalt animal identified by the

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