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Reviews: LA vs. Brooklyn vs. Love

After the shows last week, we all went into Turkey-Hybernation. Here’s the recap: It all went pretty noisily. There were some reviews: Mark Swed – Los Angeles Times / Brian Holt – Out West Arts and a Brooklyn-Micro-Blog-Hell of tweet reviews of the review: which were all reviewed here: Out West Arts: “California Love” We also participated by eating celebratory and peaceful persimmons.

So were August and September…

We’re back.  Summer was beautiful, and we were all over the place. Now concerts are happening around town each week. We’re writing and rehearsing for our show in November: Barlow, Punk Rock and Player Piano Music  at Beyond Baroque in Venice.  Before that a number of our musicians are involved in this show at Cal Arts in a few weeks, Antheil and Stravinsky at

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